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Pennsylvania Businesses Will Need to Transition From e-TIDES to myPATH

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue is transitioning all business taxes, including employer withholding tax, sales tax, and corporation taxes into the Pennsylvania Tax Hub (PATH) system requiring business taxpayers to register their accounts at, later this month. The transition will start on November 30, 2022, and it will coincide with the retirement of e-TIDES, the current online filing system for business taxpayers. Taxpayers currently using the services offered through e-TIDES, such as filing returns and making payments, will instead use myPATH to complete these tasks and manage their accounts.

To ensure taxpayer information remains secure, the Department of Revenue will not be converting existing e-TIDES user identifications and passwords to myPATH. Therefore, it is important for taxpayers and tax professionals to take the appropriate steps to migrate their accounts to the new system.

Steps to Convert to myPATH

Beginning on November 30, 2022, business owners can create a myPATH login by selecting the sign-up link on myPATH. After selecting the sign-up link, the system will prompt the business owner to establish their myPATH profile and the tax type(s) they wish to access. After creating a myPATH profile, upon logging in, customers will be presented with a link that enables them to migrate their e-TIDES accesses to myPATH.

Customers logging into myPATH as a third-party tax professional to request access to a customer who has not created a myPATH profile will be able to obtain access to that customer once the appropriate validations are successfully verified including, but not limited to, PATH Letter ID, recent payment amount or recent return line item.

e-TIDES Transition Period

The Department of Revenue will keep select e-TIDES functionality available in parallel with the migration to myPATH for approximately 90 days (until February 24, 2023) once the transition to the new system is available. Customers are encouraged to establish their myPATH profile as soon as possible during this transition period to become familiar with the services available in myPATH. The following functionality will remain available concurrently on e-TIDES as well as myPATH during this 90-day period: sales tax and W-3 employer returns, sales tax, and W-3/501 employer payments, and corporation tax payments, including estimated, extension requests, and delinquency payments.

Unlike e-TIDES, myPATH users will be required to set up multi-factor authentication. This means user profiles will be protected by a unique security code which will need to be entered any time they are using a new browser or device.

Pennsylvania Online Business Entity Registration Changes

The existing PA-100 online business registration will not be available to register for tax accounts and services after November 13, 2022. Starting on November 30, 2022, customers will use myPATH’s Pennsylvania Online Business Tax Registration service to register a business entity with the department. The new myPATH registration service will include registration for all tax types included in the existing PA-100 application but will also include the ability to register for corporate net income tax, corporation specialty taxes, and other withholding taxes.

Updated Information Regarding the Transition

The Department of Revenue is posting other updates and information at This page will be updated in the coming months with the latest information that business taxpayers will need to know to effectively transition their accounts from e-TIDES to myPATH. Taxpayers should click on the “Business Taxes” button in the right-hand column for the latest updates.

Please contact your Louis Plung advisor with any questions about the transition to myPATH or email [email protected].

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