Tax Consulting and ComplianceThe best results come from comprehensive planning and communication

Louis Plung & Company provides a comprehensive package of tax services to corporate and individual clients. These services incorporate innovative ways to identify, minimize, and manage the full spectrum of applicable taxes. With services varying from tax projection studies to in-depth multi-state, federal and international corporate tax planning, the best results come from comprehensive planning and meeting directly with clients on a continual basis to better understand their situation and goals.

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Audit & AssuranceStrategy that goes beyond the traditional measures

At Louis Plung & Company, we gain an understanding of your business, its competitors, and the current environment that is being experienced by your business market; a comprehensive approach that takes into consideration the business, market conditions, and accounting systems and processes for maintaining the books and records. We provide specific recommendations for enhancing the business as well as enhancing its accounting systems and processes. Our assurance services to improve the information and the content to reduce information risk so that you can make more informed decisions.

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Forensic, Litigation & ValuationProviding more than 30 years of experience

For businesses and individuals who find themselves in litigation involving complex accounting and tax issues or allegations of employee fraud, assembling the right team of professionals is critical. Louis Plung & Company’s forensic accounting and valuation experts provide services relating to forensic accounting investigations, valuations, calculation of economic damages, and expert witness testimony. Our professionals have worked with legal counsel, individuals, and private companies to provide independent, supportable analysis and expert opinions on a wide-range of matters.

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ConsultingA holistic approach to understand your precise needs

Often, there are aspects of a business that require a closer look beyond tax return preparation or financial statement audits. In the area of business consulting, we help you to improve your productivity, increase profitability and anticipate change. To do that, we become immersed in your business, learning everything from short and long-term goals, to marketing strategies, new products being developed, profit margins, management style, and company culture.

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Family Office ServicesHelping you have more control over your long-term planning goals

Louis Plung & Company’s Family Office services team provide individuals and multigenerational families with services that are specifically adapted to their wealth preservation, lifestyle management goals, and philanthropic objectives. As trusted advisors to many affluent families across the country, our expertise in estate, tax, and succession planning accommodates the unique needs of Family Offices.

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Tailored Business Advisors with expertise you can trust

Our multidisciplinary approach means we look at your case holistically to determine the appropriate mix of services to serve your unique needs. Today. Tomorrow. Always.

Industries We Serve

At Louis Plung & Company we work with a variety of industries, providing comprehensive accounting and business advisory services. while every industry faces different challenges, we recognize and pair the adequate professionals for your needs. Through direct communication and understanding our industry specialists provide services tailored to your specific industry and business need.

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PA Opportunity Zones

PA Opportunity Zones

Our professionals provide personalized solutions designed to fit your individual needs from requirements, strategy, to filing forms.

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Budget Tips for Covering A Surprise Tax Bill

Tax time is always a bit unnerving, but when you are hit with a large, unexpected tax bill, it can be shattering. There are few people who have the resources to simply pull out their checkbook and write a check for thousands of dollars, yet it can feel like that is your only choice.

February 17th, 2020|

The Difference Between an Audit, a Review, and a Compilation

When it comes time for financial documents to be corroborated, the three options available are a compilation, a review, and an audit. Each of these represents a very different degree of effort and investigation, and therefore each provides differing levels of confidence for investors and lenders.

February 17th, 2020|

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Let’s Talk about Your Unique Needs

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