At Louis Plung & Company, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with superior tax services. We provide a comprehensive package of tax services to corporate and individual clients. These services incorporate innovative ways to identify, minimize, and manage the full spectrum of applicable taxes. Our tax services vary from tax projection studies to in-depth multi-state, federal and international corporate tax planning. Our professionals meet directly with clients on a continual basis to better understand their situation and goals.

The best results come from comprehensive planning

Louis Plung & Company offers proactive, thorough and compliant tax reduction strategies. Our trusted advisors utilize a collaborative effort, to consider all aspects of your business, and will work with you throughout the year, to enhance your tax efficiency. We will work closely with you to ensure compliance with all tax laws and regulations as well as determining what federal, state and local incentives are available to help minimize your tax burden.

Strategic tax planning services include:

  • Corporate and/or entity structure
  • Asset protection
  • Executive compensation
  • Employee benefits
  • Estate planning for owners
  • Succession planning for owners

We stay abreast of the latest tax changes

Our professionals understand that tax compliance is a critical part of financial planning. Louis Plung & Company looks at tax compliance beyond the reporting requirements; we assess tax strategies to assist our clients in achieving their financial goals.

Committed to maintaining close communications with our clients, we publish and distribute a variety of tax alerts, blogs and newsletters on a timely basis. Our professionals strive to make our clients aware of various alternatives and to enable them to make informed financial decisions.

Our professionals are familiar with the complex domestic and overseas tax laws and stay abreast of the latest tax changes to better help our clients plan for the future.

Tax compliance services include:

  • Federal tax returns
  • State tax returns
  • Local tax returns
  • ASC 740 analysis
  • FIN 48 analysis
  • Amendments
  • Tax incentives
  • Nexus analysis
  • State amnesty programs

Tax consulting yields significant benefits

Our team of experienced professionals can assess your personal situation, conduct research and provide written conclusions explaining all the advantages and disadvantages of taking a particular tax position on your individual or business tax return. In addition, we can provide expert consultation on any tax topic of interest and explain how your tax liability can be affected by your financial decisions.

At Louis Plung & Company, we take a team oriented, proactive decision-making approach to tax consulting and research. By communicating frequently with our valued clients and other firm professionals, our tax advisors are able to analyze the applicable industry, economic and tax issues during the formative stages of the decision-making process.

Solutions behind representation

As the IRS expands its reach and with the many complexities of the tax code, businesses and individuals may step into gray areas. Louis Plung & Company is experienced in finding solutions to all kinds of IRS tax issues. We are trusted advisors who will help you find a solution and get back on track, with your taxes.

IRS Representation services include:

  • Representing clients in IRS audits and appeals
  • Handling field examinations
  • Representing clients in meetings, with authorities, and negotiation sessions
  • Advising on dispute resolution alternatives
  • Filing of back taxes
  • Assisting in resolution of tax liens and levies

Helping you reach your financial goals

Louis Plung & Company supports you in reaching your financial goals through appropriate estate planning and gifting for your family and the charitable organizations of your choice by managing unique issues that arise within high net worth families and family owned businesses. Through our personalized estate planning process, our professionals develop a flexible plan that seeks tax minimization and asset control retention. Our plan serves you throughout the full cycle of wealth management and transfer.

Estate planning services include:

  • Integration of estate & gift tax planning and investment strategies
  • Gifting tax compliance
  • Estate administration and tax compliance
  • Implementation of family governance structures
  • Valuation services

A Full Spectrum of Tax Services

Our engagements are tailored to meet your needs and unique situations. Every business has a story and we want to know yours.

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New requirements involving withholding on non-employee compensation and lease payments which will require operational changes for many organizations.

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