Employee Testimonials

Miranda Safran
“I love the resourceful work environment at Louis Plung. Working through a pandemic this past year brought forth many changes in the accounting world. I thought that the firm did a fantastic job of guiding us through. And even when faced with many challenges of their own, my teammates always found the time to help me work through obstacles. It was a wonderful learning opportunity for everyone involved.”

Brandon Bupp
“There’s a lot to love about working for Louis Plung. Everyone gets the chance to work in a wide variety of industries, which helps us develop a wide range of accounting skills and the ability to be experts in multiple areas, rather than just working in one niche. The firm allows a lot of schedule flexibility.And I love that we have a social committee that puts on monthly events that allow everyone time to socialize.

Louis Plung has a strong vision and a clear path for getting there. They focus on developing employees and promoting from within, so people have the opportunity to grow in their roles and help to lead the firm to achieve its goals. If you are willing to work hard and develop your skills, you will be successful in your role. As long as you have a willingness to learn and work as a team, you will enjoy great benefits at the firm—and you won’t be treated like a number as if you worked at a much larger firm.”

Megan Markley
“Working for a small, family-owned firm like Louis Plung has some really great benefits that you won’t find working for a bigger firm. We get to learn about and work in a lot of different industries—I learned so much as a first-year staff accountant because I was exposed to so much. They offer a mentor program that helps to ensure that your future goals and the firm’s future for you are aligned, and they guide you in achieving those goals. They are very flexible, both with how you achieve your hours, especially outside of busy season, and with big life changes. They are willing to work with you to keep you as an employee and make sure you’re happy—this includes working remotely or part time as your life circumstances change.”

Leanna Kolczynski
“Louis Plung is growth oriented. Not only do they want to grow the business, but they want to see each team member develop professionally as well. They really emphasize the growth of the whole team. It’s very exciting to be learning and growing with a team that is also growing with you. It gives you the chance to be a part of business development and to build a network from early on in your career. When I tell people about my job, they are always surprised to hear how much Louis Plung cares about my personal success and well-being.

There’s so much more to working at a CPA firm than just doing taxes or audits. The Louis Plung team really strives to allow you to use your strengths and be creative. We have the opportunity to be a part of several different aspects of the business, whether that be marketing, business development, community outreach, or the social committee.”

Monique Lepre
“As a new employee during COVID-19, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started working for Louis Plung. The firm was very welcoming, supportive, and adaptable to the new environment. I really enjoy working from home and it has been embraced by the firm! I love that working times are very flexible—you don’t have to start at the exact same time every day.

The most interesting thing about working here is having the opportunity to work on different kinds of clients in different industries. In addition to audits, you could be working on comps, reviews, or a variety of other projects. When I tell people about my job, they are surprised that I am able to do audits remotely. Our team has great communication with clients and with each other, so it doesn’t surprise me!”