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3011, 2021

Louis Plung Merges in Love, Scherle & Bauer

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Pittsburgh accounting firm Louis Plung & Company is pleased to announce the addition of Love, Scherle & Bauer, P.C. (LSB). LSB will officially join LPC on January 1, 2022. However, the two firms have already merged workforces. While LSB Partner Joseph S. Scherle is retiring, the remaining eight-person LSB team

2010, 2021

The IRS Backlog Is Causing Taxpayer Heartburn

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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the IRS was getting refunds out swiftly and responded to calls and correspondence in a reasonable amount of time. However, COVID-19 brought about a perfect storm of delays, initially caused by employees having to stay home because lockdowns prevented processing centers from operating and workers from

2010, 2021

Higher Income Individuals Beware

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The House Ways and Means Committee has released an extensive list of proposed tax changes that impact individual, retirement, international and corporate tax law. We have been selective and have only included a portion of the proposed changes. A full list of proposed changes is available from the PDF file

2809, 2021

4 Ways for Individuals to Protect Themselves Online

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As more and more areas of our lives and work move into the online sphere, cybercrime becomes a bigger threat. “It’s important that every Internet user is aware of safe online practices,” said Doug Hogue, VP of Business Development, of Cloud Solutions, a division of the Eric Ryan Corporation. “It

2209, 2021

How to Protect Yourself Against Cybercrime

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Many internet users consider themselves safe because they assume that cybercriminals only target large corporations or the very wealthy. If you find yourself falling into this misconception, now is the time to reconsider your stance. All Internet users are at risk of cybercrime, so all Internet users should learn how

1309, 2021

Louis Plung & Company Named a Top Workplace of 2021

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Louis Plung & Company (LPC) is pleased to announce that the firm has been named one of the Greater Pittsburgh Top Workplaces of 2021 by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “This recognition is a big deal because it indicates so much about a business,” said Louis Plung, CPA, managing partner of LPC.

809, 2021

2021-2022 Tax Planning Guide Available

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Year-end tax planning is seldom a simple task. With 2020 behind us, we thought 2021 would be slightly less complicated. However, this year has brought even more tax planning considerations to the forefront. With this in mind, we have compiled an online year-end tax planning resource that an be accessed

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